Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Short Term Goals and Plans

My most important short term goal is to study hard and finish all my Esl classes and pass all of my courses with A in this semester. Since I do want to be a nurse, I need to study hard and pass all my classes. It can help me to apply for scholarship and work less to study more. My next goal is to perform well in my job to keep it because I need money to to be able to live. The next one is to stop eating fast food to be more healthy.One of my really important goals is to drive safe to stop getting traffic tickets because it make me so upset to waist my money just for driving ticket. To sum up, I am going to try my best to reach to all my goals to have a better life.:)


  1. Sepideh, I'm so interested to learn that you want to be a nurse. That is a fine long term goal. I worked with nursing students in the past, and they combined so many skills and qualities. They were "get it done" kind of folks! Your short term goals sound practical and doable. I agree, wasting money on traffic tickets is VERY painful! Take it easy Jeanne

  2. Sepideh, I reread your goals and hope you are making good progess on them. I didn't see your entry on leadership, so I'm looking forward to reading it soon. Jeanne