Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TBA Hours

On Monday Rita who is the leader for learning center at Canada college came to my ESL class to explain about what are they doing over there.  She said, we can get help for tutoring for free and any time we go there we should log in and when we are leaving we should log out. Also she explained about TBA hours. TBA means to be arranged. We have to complete 16 hours that there is an schedule for that. They set up the schedule that is available in learning center for students. When we go to workshop there is always a person that talk about different subject for an hour. I am looking forward to these workshops. 


  1. Sepideh, I am so glad that you are excited to attend the excellent workshops in the Learning Center. Being a motivated student also makes you an engaged person! Please share aspects of the workshop that you think are especially helpful. Jeanne

  2. I really want to go there i just need to find a good time to go there; and if i will go i will be glad to share